Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back Pain = Degenerative Disk Disease

2 weeks after Teagen was born my TM started attacking up again. For those of you that don't know I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis back in 2009. Here's the link to my old blog were you can read about it to understand better.
I started back up on all my meds right away except my muscle relaxers cause I was breast feeding and wanted to continue. Hoping that all the other meds would get it back under control. Well it didn't.... so after a few break downs I had to stop breast feeding. And I wasn't happy about it and didn't have great luck with Alyssa and Chastity and was doing awesome with Teagen.
The past few weeks the pain has gotten worse in my back and on my left side. To the point where I can't lay on my back or left side and if I do I'm in horrible pain. I have woke up many times having moving to my back or left side crying from the pain. I've been taking Vicodin and it helps some with the pain as long as I keep on it every four hours.
I had an MRI on my neck and my brain on Tuesday which took almost two hours. I almost had to quite because the pain was so bad in my back.  But I got through it with a little bit of crying and talking to myself in my head to clam down. I already have to take a zany just to be able to get into the MRI because it's so tight and small in there it freaks me out.
And then on Thursday I had my MRI on my back. My doctor called in a volume for me to take to help with the pain. It help some and made me really sleepy.
I went to the doctor today and found out that I have Degenerative Disk Disease plus the Transverse Myelitis. I'm going to start taking an inflammatory, physical therapy, and back strengthening exercise.   And pray that it works. My mom also has this and goes and see two specialist and also gets shots in her back to help deal with the pain. As of right now I'm not going to do that unless this shows no improvement.


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  2. I will totally call you so we can set up a day and time to meet up!!