Thursday, February 9, 2012

Starting Back Up

I'm Back......

It's time to start blogging again. Oh how I have miss blogging so much.
A lot has happened since I last blogged.

We got pregent, moved to Middlebury, had a baby girl named Teagen born December 16, 2011.
Both Alyssa and Chastity have loved having a baby. Chastity is now a big sister and Alyssa now gets to babysit two sisters at some point in time. Since I had the girls so close together Alyssa doesn't really remember that much about Chastity being a baby.
My labor went great except for when she stop breathing twice after she was born. But was put on oxygen and started breathing again. Nothing ever came of it. She was 7lbs 18 1/4 long born at 8:36. I had Aaron and my Mom by my side. She did fine until she started spitting up a lot and has GERD. When we took her in at her one week check up she was 7lbs 6 oz. And doc wasnt to happy with the poor weight gain so he wanted me to being her back in a week later which was a Friday. And she had lost weight and was down 7lbs 4oz. So I had to being her back in on Monday and she was down 6lbs 14oz. So since she wasn't gaining weight like she should of been and kept on lossing we were hospitalized and she had to a feeding tube put in.After a long weekend in the hospital we were relased to go home with the feeding tube in. And Aaron and I were taught how to feed her through it. She now is up to 8lbs and no longer has a feeding tube in. We had to have some test done and are still waiting on the results. One of the test we got done is Amino Acid Disease and the other is Cystic Fibrosis. Both are very scary and are praying that they are both negtive.
Life is wonderful and I have never been this HAPPY before. I hear it from a lot of people that its great to see me smile or to hear me laugh.

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